Why Moss is Harmful to Your Trees

tree service Pinellas CountyMany individuals would consider moss on trees to be a beautiful and whimsical sight. Although moss can appear to be charming, it should be a concern for the homeowner for the safety of their trees and landscape. Check below to learn why Moss is harmful to your property.

  • When Moss appears on your property, this should be considered alarming due to the aggressive growth patterns of moss. It is best to call our tree service in Clearwater FL at the first sign of moss to help stop the spread of the plant.
  • Moss is considered hazardous because it adds weight to your branches, making them easy to break and snap during storms or high winds. Moss could cause potential danger to your property and the safety of your family.
  • Since moss spreads heavily on the branches and trunk of your tree, this could disguise and hide potential signs of disease and death. We recommend removing moss to ensure your investment stays healthy and thriving.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and dependable tree service in Pinellas County, look to our team of arborists at B&T’s Tree Service.  We advise homeowners to reach out to our company because we can help remove moss without the use of chemicals and harmful methods. Contact us today at (727) 244-6070 to learn more about our services.