When to Hire an Arborist

Pinellas County arboristWhether you refer to B&T’s Tree Service as certified arborists or tree doctors, we will answer to all and offer affordable and efficient solutions. Our teams of skilled arborists provide proper care for your trees and landscape to protect your investment. Below we have listed common situations when to hire an arborist.

In Case of Emergency

When disaster strikes in the form of a fallen tree after a storm or freak accident, it is time to turn to a knowledgeable arborist. Our company offers 24-hour emergency services for trees that result in damage to your home and property.

Tree Removal

Although trees provide great curb appeal and value to your home, often they can become hazardous and troublesome. For instance, if a tree is too close to a road, house, or another person’s property, it may be time hire our arborists to cut down the tree in a safe manner.

Tree Pruning

If you have bothersome limbs that hang down in front of your home or diseased limbs that are unhealthy for the overall tree, our arborist can help with tree trimming.

Moss Removal

Although moss on trees can appear as whimsical and beautiful, we recommend having our Pinellas County arborist remove the moss for safety issues.

If you are looking for an experienced and licensed Clearwater arborist, contact us today at (727) 244-6070 to learn more about our services.