5 Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes While Trimming Trees

Trees look amazing when they are nurtured and regularly trimmed with love and care.

Healthy and thriving trees not only enhance the curb appeal of the home, but they also increase the quality of life by bringing natural elements into the premises. Trees also aid in checking pollution, promoting energy conservation, and creating beautiful streets and neighborhoods – no wonder people in Clearwater invest so much time in maintaining their trees and lawns.

To ensure that trees maintain healthy growth, it becomes necessary that their dead leaves and branches are removed at the right intervals to make room for new ones. Proper tree trimming and pruning will not only spruce up the look of your lawn but also make the trees safer and more stable.

Trimming trees to remove the dead and damaged branches is a vital tree maintenance procedure and should be done with precision. When homeowners take trimming trees into their hands, they often mess up big time! Being short of the right tools and an inadequate knowledge of trimming techniques, they end up doing more harm than good and regret it later.

We have listed some common mistakes that homeowners make during DIY tree trimming. These blunders can affect the appearance of trees and restrict their overall growth.

Let’s make you aware of what not to do while trimming trees:

1. Trimming Trees at Wrong Time

Trees have to be trimmed at reasonable intervals, and it is crucial to know the right timing.

Homeowners generally wait for the tree to look a bit overgrown and dishevelled, and once the trees are all dense and heavy, they consider it as an indication to pull out the shears.

However, other factors like climate and weather changes shall be well-considered before you march for your tree trimming mission. Wrong timing can hurt the growth of your trees; for instance, in summers, the roots of trees receive little water while its crown bears a dose of sunshine every day. Trimming in such times can lead to “sunscald” wounds, resulting in damage to the trunk bark of your tree. In extreme cases, trimming at the wrong time can also obstruct the overall growth and fruit-bearing capacity of the tree. You won’t want that, would you? So trim on the right time and ensure that your trees flaunt a healthy look.

2. Over Trimming

Every cut made on trees compromises the whole tree protection system, exposing it to potential fungus and insect infestation.

Studies suggest that no more than 25% of tree branches should be removed at a time as it can increase the infestation risk. If too much of the canopy is removed, the tree will be unable to produce enough food, transfer nutrients, and support itself structurally.

So, even if you like your tree to have a more rounded or neat looking shape, trimming a few branches that seem to stick out at odd angles; a few cuts will be enough to make a major impact. Strike the right balance to get the maximum benefits of tree trimming and pruning.

3. Using Dull and Unsanitized Tools

Hygiene of tools and equipment you use for trimming can profoundly impact the health of your tree. In fact, cutting a tree with murky tools can lead to the growth of infectious fungi and bacteria.

The contamination of tools affects trees in the same way it affects humans when the medical equipment are used without sanitizing them properly. Cutting a tree with dull tools can also lead to jagged marks and wounds that can be harder to heal. It’s vital to use well-kept and sanitized tools or hire tree experts to get the trimming job done.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that all the fallen branches and other debris are removed from the ground. If left unattended, debris accumulation can act as an ideal place for fungi & insects to harbor and infect the base of your tree.

4. Cutting Down the Wrong Branches

Trimming is not just about bringing down random branches!

Proper tree trimming takes a lot more effort and know-how. Homeowners do not have the right knowledge of which the branches should be removed.

Trimming the wrong branches can weaken the tree, and its shape may become less appealing over time. So always be cautious on which branches shall be chopped down to own a healthy-looking tree.

5. Ignoring Safety Measures

Safety is the most critical consideration that is usually ignored by homeowners while their Do It Yourself approach.

Tree trimming operations can expose your eyes to dust, wood particles, insects, and pine needles; hence, it becomes necessary to wear comfortable eye protection to prevent any damage. There are also chances of meeting accidents and property damage.

People aren’t aware of the proper techniques for handling the equipment nor are trained to adopt the latest safety measures. They can end up hurting themselves, damage the property, or injure the people passing by.

You see, a lot of no-no’s and troubles are involved when you go for DIY tree trimming method. However, you can ditch all the hassle by hiring a professional tree service company in Pinellas County.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Tree Service Contractors

As a matter of fact, it is possible to do a tree trimming on your own. However, given all the time, cost, and the hustle it involves, we recommend that it is best when the job is left to a professional.

Some perks of hiring a professional tree service company are as follows:


Tree care and maintenance can be quite a demanding task. As one should not compromise on safety, it’s always wise to hire efficient tree specialists who can manage the job well while adhering to the best practices. Moreover, professional tree companies have insurance that would cover the legal and financial costs in case of a mishap, thus giving you an additional layer of security to face an unfortunate event.


An experienced tree service company should be the go-to if you want the best tree trimming and landscaping services. Their approach to systematic trimming would help in improving the aesthetics of the tree while encouraging healthy growth.


Grooming trees can take a lot of time, effort, and patience.

Moreover, one needs to have the right means to do the job efficiently.

Hiring a professional tree care team is the best idea to save time and sidestep the trimming chaos. Expert arborists can complete the task in almost half the time that you might take to giving a well-groomed look to your trees.

If you are looking to hire a dependable tree company, we are here to help!

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