5 Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes While Trimming Trees

Trees look amazing when they are nurtured and regularly trimmed with love and care.

Healthy and thriving trees not only enhance the curb appeal of the home, but they also increase the quality of life by bringing natural elements into the premises. Trees also aid in checking pollution, promoting energy conservation, and creating beautiful streets and neighborhoods – no wonder people in Pinellas County invest so much time in maintaining their trees and lawns.
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How Moss on Your Roof Can Lead to Costly Repairs in Florida

With the start of the rainy season in Pinellas County, Florida, every inch of the earth gets covered in green plant material, including the roof of your house. In areas where the weather is humid, it is common to spot houses covered in moss and algae. But if you consider this mushy green substance a pretty thing, think twice.

No matter how common moss is and how harmless it seems, not many know that it is something they should get rid of, immediately. And one of the best ways to do that is by trimming trees or removing old trees. Why? Because moss loves shade, which trees provide, but too much shade can be bad in a moist climate like Clearwater, Florida.

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How to Inspect Trees After a Storm

After a strong storm moves through the area, it’s important to inspect both the exterior of your home and your landscaping. From flooding to cracked tree branches, damage caused by a storm should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Especially if the situation is hazardous.

The following three steps will help you inspect trees and clean up after a storm:
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