7 Advantages of Stump Grinding

Have you decided that you want to cut down a tree? If so, chances are that you’re wondering what you’re going to do with the stump that is left over. There are a lot of benefits that you will find if you choose to have the stump ground. Below are the benefits that you will find if you choose to have the stump ground.

1. Quick & Efficient

It will often take only a few hours to cut down one tree and this is something that needs to be done when age, disease or damage from a storm hits a tree. There are a few options for stump removal which ranges from having it ground to putting on chemicals and some people even use it as part of their landscape. When chemicals are put on a stump it’s going to take a long time for it to work effectively. It often will require work and attention by the person who owns the home over an amount of time which can range from weeks to years. When you have the stump ground by a professional tree company will be quick and often will just take several hours, as well as efficient since it leaves behind sawdust or a pile of wood chips that you can use.

2. Environmentally Wise

Equipment that is up to date is used by companies for tackling stumps that are from small to large, reducing the stump to chips without disturbance to your surrounding landscape. When you leave your stump to simply rot or put the chemicals on it can mean that unwanted elements are introduced to the property, such as disease. There is no reason that you should risk it. When you have your stump ground to anywhere from 8-10 below your surface will let sod be put over it. If you want replant on top of your old stump, the contractor can go deeper.

3. Clean Slate

When you have your stump ground, it gives your yard a new clean slate. You can plan a whole new project for your landscaping around that area or you can just be happy knowing that lush grass can grow where the stump was.

4. You’re Getting Rid of Something Unsightly

Another reason that you want to have your stump ground is because a stump usually doesn’t look very good. Even though it’s something you may accept as time passes, this may not be the way that other people see it. Plus, if you are planning to sell your home, you want to make sure that you are having it removed completely.

5. Avoid Issues with Surrounding Trees Growing

When you have that tree stump in your yard, you may find that there is tree spouts popping up. Those sprouts are because of your stump and as time passes this can be costly and annoying to have your sprouts removed.

6. Stumps can be Dangerous for Pets and Children

Adult walk slowly, and they are going to be able to see and go around that stump. However, for pets and children it’s not always going to be the case. When they’re playing in the yard, chances are that someone is going to be hurt when they fall over or onto the stump.

7. Stumps can be a Pain When Cutting the Lawn

When you are cutting the lawn, you always have to remember it’s there and that means that you have to stop mowing and go around it. Weeds are also going to start growing in your stump and require maintenance frequently so that it always looks clean.

So that a stump is effectively removed, you should find someone who specializes in grinding stumps. Make sure that you are reading their reviews and asking questions. Hire the companies that have high-end equipment and that have a guarantee. It’s also important to get some cost estimates so that you can find the one that will do the job you want them to do for a good price.

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