The Benefits of Healthy Trees

Palm Harbor tree serviceB&T’s Tree Service in Clearwater Florida serves homes and businesses throughout the area. An ISA-certified arborist –along with trained tree climbers and ground crews—can handle any job no matter what size or scope. We are fully licensed and insured to provide peace of mind to our customers. Rely on our team to clean up the trees on your property or to diagnose and solve any issues they have.

Our mission is to make trees healthy again and keep them thriving far into the future. Healthy trees provide benefits to property owners. Well-groomed trees improve the landscape, add shade from the hot Florida sun, and increase property value. Trees significantly contribute to the overall health of your outdoor space. Some of the additional benefits of trees include:

  • Flood Water Control
  • Oxygen Production
  • Smog Reduction
  • Wildlife Habitat Provision
  • Food Production

There have even been studies that show trees can contribute to an individual’s health and may help to decrease cardio-metabolic conditions.

Our experienced crews have been servicing customers for many years. Call or email B&T’s Tree Service today for a free written estimate on any of your tree care needs. We serve customers throughout Palm Harbor plus all of the surrounding areas.