A Guide to Deep Root Feeding and Its Benefits

You’ve invested money, natural resources, and time into your shrubs and trees, and there’s a good reason for that. Your shrubs and trees provide your property with natural beauty and comfort that other decorative features can’t offer. It’s essential that you are doing everything possible to protect these beautiful investments. Otherwise, their health and beauty can decline.

That is why it’s important to feed your shrubs and trees. It’s recommended that this is done once each season so that malnourishment is prevented. Shrubs and trees often decline because they are not getting enough nutrients, which is often recieved from the soil. When you nourish the soil, your shrubs and trees will have the access to those nutrients to help them look lively and green. Flowering shrubs and trees will look even more beautiful and they may even flower longer if you’re feeding your them well.

Now that you know the importance of feeding them, you probably know how often they have to be fed and what the benefits are of feeding them. The answers to these questions and more will be covered here.

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

This will add important nutrients, including the living microorganisms, right into shrubs and trees roots. This service won’t work on small shrubs or grass since they have small roots and the roots cling to the soil’s surface. Plants that have deep roots such as large shrubs and mature trees are looking for resources deep down under the surface. When they’re unable to find the necessary nutrients, you’ll notice a decline in their health. Doing this type of fertilization once each season will help ensure your hollies, pines, and the other plants that have a lot of potential for growth can reach their potential.

Main Benefits You’ll Find From Deep Root Feeding:

  • Shrubs and trees live longer
  • You will save money because you won’t have to remove limbs that are dead
  • Improved flowering
  • Roots grow faster
  • Shrubs and trees resist plant diseases better
  • Shrubs and trees are not as vulnerable to pests
  • You can nourish your trees that have been planted in spots that aren’t the best location or soil.
  • The shrubs and trees can resist bad weather a lot better.

These are some of the benefits that you will find when your trees are well-nourished. Just like when your health is affected when your diet changes, giving your shrubs this type of feeding is going to make them a lot healthier.

The Process

Deep root feeding doesn’t mean that you have to unearth the roots or dig up the shrubs and plants. It’s a simple and fast way that you can care for your trees. A liquid formula which is made for addressing concerns with your soil is deeply injected into your soil surrounding large plants. When you use a surface fertilizer, it only feeds your shallow-rooted plants like grass. The liquid fertilizer will direct the nutrients right into large plants’ mature roots. A surface fertilizer will take a long time to nourish the soil deeply, but this type of fertilizer will nourish plants immediately. It’s recommended that you do it once each season. However, fall’s going to be the best time for you to hire a tree expert so that they can do the fertilization.

As you can see, doing deep root feeding or fertilization is a great step in proper Clearwater tree care. It will help your shrubs and trees look great and grow healthy, strong, and beautiful. When you do this for your shrubs and trees, you are going to discover that they look better than ever.