5 Benefits of Removing a Stump

If you have had a tree cut down and you didn’t have the stump removed, chances are that you are wondering if it’s a good idea to have it removed. The truth is that there are many benefits to having a stump removed. Below are the 5 main benefits of hiring a Clearwater stump removal service to remove a stump from your property.

Possible Invasions of Pests

When you leave a stump in place, it’s going to start decomposing and eventually break down completely. This is a very messy and slow process. This process is also helped along by a lot of organisms like microbes, and these will start to appear in your stump once the tree’s cut down. A common pest that is going to help with this is the ant species like carpenter ants, and they’ll start making nests in your tree’s stump. The ants then will start appearing everywhere around the house, and this can cause serious issues.

Along with the ants, termites also love stumps along with other insects that love feeding on wood. A lot of times they don’t just stay in the stump, which means they’re going to spread to other shrubs, trees, and even your house.

Appearances of Invasive Plants

There are other kinds of plant species that often will take up residence in the tree stump. This can be other types of trees which begin growing in the old tree’s remains. However, these often are unsightly and small and really hard to remove. A lot of times, the invasive species of plants that are growing on tree stumps will require that you pour chemicals on them so they’re completely destroyed. This isn’t good since it can harm other plants or backyard pavers, that are close to the stump.
Fungi such as mushrooms also can spread over your stump, which also is unsightly as well as harmful potentially to your dogs and cats.

Safety Hazards

Along with the possibility that they can attract the unwanted pests, a tree stump also can dangerous if you leave it on the property. They can cause kids to trip when they’re playing in the yard, and because they’re solid wood when someone stumbles on one it can cause injuries.
Whenever you’re trying to do some kind of work in your yard, you’re going to have this stump to deal with, and you have to make sure that you’re careful and avoid it when you’re cutting the grass or you’re pulling the weeds. If you run into the stump with the lawn mower, you can do a lot of damage to it. this can cause another possible hazard when you or someone else is working in the yard.

Aesthetic Problems

Having the stump in your yard can also decrease the value of your property. This is because they’re not very attractive when you look at them, and any potential buyers often are going to be wary of having unsightly stumps in their yard.

After you have removed the stump, space can be repurposed and used for something that’s going to boost your home’s value. This can be a flower bed, new tree, picnic table or another item that will enhance your space. Space can also be left clear so that children can play without any dangerous conditions such as a tripping hazard.

Continued Growth

When you have a stump there, the tree’s roots occasionally can keep growing, which will harm the surrounding environment. These roots can damage sidewalks, pipes and various other parts of the house if they’re not controlled properly. Before the tree’s roots finally run out of their nutrients so that they decompose, you might find that they have done a lot of damage to the surrounding area. That’s why it’s so important that you have your stump removed as soon as you can so that you avoid these kinds of problems.

Stump Removal

If you’ve decided that you want to remove your tree stump, there are a few steps that you should take. The easiest way that you can remove it is to have someone remove the stump when the tree is cut down. If the tree has been cut down for a while and you’ve finally decided that you want to get rid of the stump, a good place to call is a tree service. They will come in and remove your stump.

The amount that they will charge generally will be based on your stump’s size and how they are going to remove it. It’s also possible that they will charge you depending on how long it will take them to do it (per hour). You should figure that you will have to pay $300 or more to have the stump removed. There are a few ways that they might remove your stump. These are:

  • Burning the stump
  • Grinding the stump down
  • Dissolved using chemicals

The best time to have a stump removed is when you have the tree cut down. But if you didn’t have it done then, now is the time to consider doing it. It will help you with saving a lot of headaches and problems in the future and help your property value stop falling.