3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Trees

Are you making some resolutions for the new year? You might want to add some resolutions to help your trees in your yard. Below are 3 new years resolutions for your trees in your yard to stay healthy.

Mulch Your Trees

Many people don’t know that mulching your trees can make a huge difference when it comes to their trees’ development and health. This is especially true for trees that have been planted recently.

Below are some of the benefits of mulching:

  1. Mulch helps to provide insulation to the ground and gives the tree a strong buffer from the fluctuating cold and hot temperatures.
  2. Mulch helps the trees retain moisture and water in their roots and it helps keep them healthy and well hydrated.
  3. Mulch helps with combating the growth of weeds, so the tree doesn’t have to compete for nutrition and water.
  4. When you mulch your trees, it will help with creating thick foliage so that they can give your shade, nice, strong climbing branches, and juicy sweet fruit.

Keep Your Trees Watered

Part of proper tree care in Clearwater is routine watering. Watering your trees is going to make a big difference when it comes to their development, especially for newly planted trees. Although many trees live for many years, the tree is going to need regular watering when it’s newly planted.

Below are some tips to know how often to water:

  1. Newly planted trees – It’s important that you give newly planted trees water right after they’re planted. The roots still are taking root in the ground and becoming acquainted with that new soil. That’s why they need a lot of moisture so that they can attach their roots firmly to the soil.
  2. 2-3 years – Your tree’s first two years are going to be very challenging for tree, especially the trees that need a lot of moisture and water for growing and developing.
  3. Hot Summers – When you have a really hot summer, most of the energy that a tree expends is towards growing and making buds. The growing is done during the early part of the summer. In the later part of the summer, they’re storing up their reserves to start that process again when spring comes. You want to make sure that you are watering your trees so that they can produce the necessary sugar through the process of photosynthesis and stay cool. If the summer’s especially hot, the leaves of the tree could start wilting or falling off so that further loss of water is prevented.
  4. Mulching and water – Properly mulching the tree can help with maintaining moisture at the roots.

Drought and heat often can cause the root system of a tree to become dry, which will prevent the tree from getting moisture and water from the ground. That’s why mulching is so important.
Correctly Prune Your Trees

As time goes by, you should prune the trees. This will help with establishing and maintaining good structure and health, particularly in young trees. As the tree grows, pruning is going to help the tree stay beautiful and healthy. You should have a plan before you do your pruning. You should remove diseased, crossing and dead branches so that the tree is able to health properly rather than wasting its energy on the problem branches. You also want to make sure that you are using the proper practices for pruning so that the pruning cuts are healing properly.

These are three things that you should make sure that you are doing for your trees. Doing these things will help keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful. You are going to see a huge difference in how they look in your yard!

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